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Typical Thank You Note Samples: What Is Essential For Successful Writing?

It would be useful to read some thank you note samples before starting to write one. The thank you note is much shorter and concentrated than the letter. So you have space just for expressing you gratitude and nothing else.

It was estimated that nearly 15% of hiring managers would reject an applicant that haven’t sent a thank you note after an interview. Moreover, 32% of them will lose interest in those who haven’t written. The business thank you notes differ from the normal ones. It should be taped, not handwritten. As a thank you letter should be sent within 24 hours after an interview, and if speaking generally, should be sent promptly after the last visual contact with the receiver. You should keep the balance between being friendly and being professional.

You should include in it your address, recipients address and the date. Address the recipient with Dear (name) and keep the formality level when writing the name: Mr./Mrs., Dr. instead of just writing the name.

The content should start by thanking for the event, like a promotion or interview: “We’d like to express our gratitude for…”, “Thank you for meeting with me yesterday to discuss the (job title) at (companies name)” Then continue writing about how the event helped you or how you have enjoyed it:”I was impressed by the team spirit among the employees.”, ”Your explanation of the position made my interest in working with you even bigger”. Depending on what exactly you want to express your gratitude, there are different thank you note samples. You can also express your desire of seeing again the recipient “we look forward to doing business with you again“. In case you’re writing after an interview, you may thank the recipient for his time: ” Your time and consideration are greatly appreciated”.  It’s important not to act as you have been accepted.

In case you’re writing to somebody you don’t know well, end the note with “Yours sincerely”, and if you’re writing to a boss or manager, write “best wishes” or “many thanks”.  It would be normal to end it with the regular “thanks again”.

The thank you note should be short and comprise just the gratitude you want to express. It would be a bad idea to remind of your skills and competences, because there is the resume and the interview for this. That’s why it’s called a note: you have the chance to be specific about your gratitude and underline your respect. Sometimes it’s a better choice instead of the thank you letter, as the recipient will appreciate the writer’s consideration to his time. Different thank you note samples express positive attitudes towards a recent event.