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Sample Letter of Business Address Change

You should use this template if you would like to notify your partner about business address change. Of course, there are lots of ways to tell about this, but I think this is the most correct one.

Main St. Company
34 Green Street
Deptford, England 34854

May, 2, 2010

Elvan Adams
Ridley Street
Exeter, England, 45544

Dear, Mr. Adams,
Notice is hereby given that in connection with a substantial change, which is directed to the improvement of working environment arrangement, beginning with 01.05.2010 our company has changed its address of the registered office. The new postal address is: 34 Green Street, Deptford, England 34854. Take into consideration that the multi-channel telephone number has been changed as well. The new telephone number is: 0331- 337383. The rest company identifications have remained unchanged.

Yours, sincerely
Lincoln Brown