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Letter Requesting for Catalogue

David Patterson
Legend Company
88 Spring Street
Derby, England 1111
Tel. number: 0123 45 67

Daniel Brown
Style Company
78 Summer Street
London, England 1234
October, 29

Dear Mr. Brown,
I am writing to you to request a catalogue of the furniture Style in the name of the company Legend. Beginning with the next month we are going to refurbish all the offices and service rooms which are situated in the building of the company Legend. Correspondingly we want to purchase new office furniture.
The company Style provides its clients with the very best, as all the articles of furniture are made of high-quality materials. Top-quality in combination with refinement and style attracted our attention. Being the connoisseurs of innovative and stylish tendencies we are determined to purchase namely Style furniture.
We are looking forward to receiving the catalogue of office furniture Style.

Truly Yours,
David Patterson