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Business Letter Template: Learn How To Write Business Letters

Business letters are quite simple to write, though you should know how to structure it, by studying, for instance, the following business letter template. First, you start with your contact information, then the receivers, written on top left side of the letter. Should be written as follows:

Your name;


City, state, zip code;

Phone number;

Email address.

Receivers info is almost the same :





City; state; zip code.

Next follows the regular formal salutation: Dear Mr. /Mrs. Last Name, 2 lines below recipient’s address.

The letter starts with specifying the purpose of it, the context in which it should be placed. There are lots of purposes of a business letter, and doesn’t matter which is, it should be informed from the first paragraph: “Following up on our phone conversation, I look forward to be meeting with you and your strategic planning stuff on… at your office. I’d appreciate you arranging to have a screen in the conference room.”

In the next paragraph you start mentioning details and providing more information. It is the most important part of the letter as you achieve you purpose here. The following example of the business letter template may help you: “I’d like to ship an introductory assortment of 100 frames as soon as I get a purchase order from you. Once you’ve looked at the photographs, you might find you prefer particular sizes. We’ll be glad to put up a shipment that includes exactly the mix you want.”

In the last paragraph mention what future actions you would like the reader to do. It’s important to make this clear and simple, just like the upper part of the letter: “During the month of March we’re offering an extra 10% of any travel you book with us. Simply bring this letter with you when you stop by our … street location, and we’ll show you what (Company’s Name) can do for you.” Another variant of a conclusion is to repeat the purpose of the letter and thank the reader for his time or action previously made:” You are an inspiring speaker. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and talents with us “.

Considering the structure of the letter, the paragraphs should be single spaced and justified to the left. If you’re not sure how formal you should be, choose a more formal variant.

Next follows the complementary close, like “Respectfully yours,” or “Sincerely,” . Afterwards you write your name, your position and leave your signature. Hope, you find this business letter template writing guide helpful. Remember that there are lots of types of business letters and each of them has certain formulas that are to be written accordingly.

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