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Key Things You Need to Know About Letter of Recommendation

When applying to a job or a university, local or abroad, one of the documents needed to present is the letter of recommendation. Through this letter it is possible to evaluate the applicants’ capabilities, knowledge, behavior and other details from the point of view of another person. From the entire set of documents that are usually needed, this is the one that represents more explicit the characteristics of the applicant in a comprehensive text, thus being more simple to understand.

The persons that are to write recommendations are to be chosen carefully. There should be the ones that have succeeded to get acquainted properly with the applicant (the person is written about) and that had enough time to see him working/studying so that to be able to make conclusions towards different characteristics of him. Of course, the writer of the recommendation letter should have a positive attitude towards the one he’s writing about. A prior thing may be considered the relationship established between the writer and the applicant.

Sometimes a letter of recommendation is the only document that convinced the employer or the principal to accept the application of the person being recommended. It is a trustworthy document that may be written by persons with an important hierarchical position, this being an important detail for the one reading it. Also, the writer could be in such a position that his words would be trusted with no hesitation; therefore, if the person that is written about manifested himself as a good worker/student, the recommendation would become the best argument in convincing the reader. That’s why, the applicant should pay attention on the impressions people around him make, and not be ignorant to whatever conclusions may come out about him.

Before asking somebody to write the letter of recommendation, it would be a constructive decision to discuss about the aspirations of the one written about and the work/faculty his trying to apply using the letter. This would help the writer to be more specific in the letter about the characteristics that the employer/principal would pay considerable attention to.