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How to Write The Letter of Recommendation

To write a letter of recommendation is not an easy task. The compiler of this kind of letter has to spend a specific amount of time in order to describe all the abilities and qualities of an individual that may be useful and even indispensible for his/her future career or studies. Thus a letter of recommendation is a brief description of an individual’s character, his/her qualities and abilities.

Before you give consent to write a letter of recommendation you must make certain that you have enough time available in order to fulfill this request. This assignment needs a full sense of responsibility and earnestness. Remember that the person that asked you to write a letter of recommendation sets his/her hopes on you.

It is worth mentioning that there are three types of letters. These are character, academic and employment references. The employment references are fulfilled by supervisors, heads of department, by chiefs. All they have to do is to give brief information about the skills and qualifications of the worker. As to character references they are usually written by people who know the person best of all. They may be relatives, friends, and colleagues. Character references represent a description of the most distinct traits of an individual. The academic recommendation letters are given by teachers and professors. In this type of letters the pupil’s or student’s progress and his/her aptitudes are described.

Having determined what kind of letter has to be written you may set down to writing. It is an evident fact that you should give preference to the method of personalization. In this way you will produce the impression that you know the person perfectly. Consequently the recipient of the letter will be firmly convinced that the mentioned points correspond to the facts.

Before going down to writing do not forget to include your title and signature.

Remember also that a perfect letter of recommendations consists of three-four paragraphs.

In the first paragraph tell the recipient about your relationship to the individual. Indicate the period of your acquaintanceship. The body of the letter is manifested in the second and in the third paragraphs. Here you should divulge the basic qualities and skills of the person that distinguish him/her among the others. It is a good idea to provide some examples that will acknowledge all the enumerated traits and abilities.

The fourth paragraph being the last one represents a closing statement. You should prove that you confide in the individual. It is advisable to repeat some final points from the letter of recommendation.