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How to Write a Perfect Business Cover Letter

Like the regular one, the business cover letter is written as an accompanying document to the resume. It is an interpretation to all the facts mentioned there, a broader document through which the employer can see the way of thinking of the applicant and seize some of his qualities.

Because it should have a pleasant look to the eye, most of business cover letters are structured in three paragraphs. The first one is the most general. Here you speak about your general qualities, abilities, experiences that are not necessarily related to the job you’re currently applying. Of course, you may start speaking about your qualities related to the job, but keeping the same general mode of speaking. This is the paragraph that should grasp the reader’s attention. Not only that you mention the purpose of writing this letter, you should convince the employer that you should be considered for a future interview:”I am a skilled (title) with an outstanding background in successful business operations; I am seeking to align myself with a progressive company.”

The second one is where you can finally mention details regarding your skills and experience. If you made the first one paragraph of your business letter good enough to attract the attention, the second one will be read in a grasp. The second paragraph of the business cover letter is the one that makes a clearer view about you. Be specific about your characteristics and don’t make the recipient guess what you are or what you want to say. Keep the sentences short so that not to make it too boring. Don’t complicate yourself with complex words, be simple and understood.

In the third paragraph, the last one, you mention when you’re able to contact the employer or when you are able to come at a future interview. You should let the recipient understand that you want to come at a future interview like ”I’d like the opportunity to share more of my passion” You don’t have the freedom to choose the time suited for you. Usually it’s written that within a week or a few days. If you want the interview to take place earlier, just mention that you’re ready and open for it. As it is the accompanying document to the resume, you make reference to the latter. Thank the reader for his time or finish the letter by an expression that underlines your readiness like “I look forward to following up soon”.

You may write more than three paragraphs but keep the content structured as mentioned above. The document that it’s read before the resume is the business cover letter, so make sure that the reader will make a clear and positive view through it. For more info, consider entering the following links:  and