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How To End A Business Letter

If you want to know more about business correspondence, in this article we will try to explain you how to end a business letter.

At the end of the business letter it is necessary to use final forms of politeness. It should be done to summarize briefly all that is written and for the logical completion of the letter. In other words, in order to say goodbye.

The letter should always end on a positive note, regardless of the content.

The recommended forms of politeness:
1. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
2. We would appreciate your cooperation on this matter.
3. Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Be sure to specify in the end of the letter the way you can be contacted. By this you once again emphasize that you expect certain action from your correspondent.

If you know exactly how to end a business letter you can be sure of a good result.

You should finish a business letter with the words; “Yours sincerely” or ” Yours respectfully”, “Best regards” or “Looking forward to productive cooperation”, “With gratefulness for the cooperation,” etc., which is also quite correct. With the words “With respect” a letter from the salesperson to the buyer or from the employee to the employer may end. An informal business letter is usually finished with the word “Your” before signature.

There should be a large interval between the signature and the last line.

The signature is mandatory and is considered to be the final component in the design of a business letter. It verifies the identity of the author.

Signing the business letter, you should employ the same form of the name, which you used in the beginning of the letter. So, if you addressed to your recipient, calling him “Dear Jack”, you should sign the letter “Andrea” When you refer to him: “Dear Mr. Jones” you should sign the your full name: ” Andrea Smith.” Never sign the business letter, putting only a salutation and the last name, for example: “Miss Marks” or “Mrs. Brooks.”

While signing the business letter it is important to take into consideration the rank of the addressee. A letter addressed to the general manager should be also signed by general director or, at least, his deputy.

If the documents are attached to the letter, be sure to mention them.  So, after the signature in the lower left corner write «Enclosure» and indicate the number of documents and their names.

Then you write a postscript.

Postscript (PS) – an addition at the end of the letter after the signature – rarely used in business correspondence. It serves to inform the recipient about an important event that took place after writing a letter or to give him the information that is indirectly related to the subject.

Hope, these simple rules will help you to clarify the answer to the question “how to end a business letter”.