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How to Compose a Great Thank You Letter

The thank you letter is not among the mandatory documents you should prepare; it is a way of standing out of the crowd. Considering the thank you letters after a job interview, less than 4% of interviewers desire to express their gratitude to the time allowed and questions answered. It is only the writer’s decision whether he wants the last visual contact to be followed by a letter or not. If the answer is yes, it should be done as soon as possible from the last action you had done, for which you want to thank.

Writing such kind of business letters doesn’t mean to write thank you at the beginning of each sentence. You have at your will several paragraphs in which you can tell what you haven’t had previously the chance to.  In the first paragraph you thank for the latest activity you had the chance to do with the receiver of the letter. Instead of writing “thank you” from the very first sentence you may say that you have enjoyed what you had previously done, like for instance “I just want to state again what a pleasure it was to talk with you about the position off …” In the first paragraph, you’ll have to use this expression anyway.

In the second paragraph of the thank you letter you may start mentioning details of the last activity you have enjoyed and in what manner they helped you. The second paragraph is a great chance to mention about the things you haven’t done when you had the chance to. This is more common after interviews when the applicants wish to mention important things about which they forgot or haven’t thought of to say: “I forgot to mention at the interview that in the past I have been hired by …”

Second paragraph may be also used for clarifying specific things, like:”You mentioned that you have an acquaintance that works in … May I call you during the next week to get her contact information?” As you can see, the content of a thank you letter may also consist of details that could be written in a regular letter. Only that it also has the shape of a grateful attitude towards a recent activity held related to the person reading the letter.

The last paragraph is usually used to specify future contacting the writer wishes to make with the reader. For a more unofficial letter you may come up with a friendly joke so that to strengthen a bit your relationship with the reader.

If you ever feel like you still have something to speak of and you need to express your gratitude, this is what the thank you letter is for. For additional info, consider accessing the following links: