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Find Out Here How To Use MLA Business Letter Format

MLA business letter format term is mainly used for issues related to the humanities and the arts profile. MLA (Modern Language Association) style is widely used in the schools, academic departments for almost half a century. Different sectors in the areas of research adapted this style to avoid any difficulties when it comes to citations and references.

MLA format will help you to organize your research and present it clearly to your readers.  It also help you to avoid plagiarism. Use MLA format to summarize your research and to indicate links to all sources that are used in the text.

In Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft Word 2010  (or other similar text editor) bibliography can be created automatically based on the sources used in compiling document. Each time you add a new link to the document, Word adds the source that appears in the bibliography in the correct format, such as MLA.

Please note, MLA business letter format may change, so you should check if the existing version of the format is consistent with the requirements. You can also create your own updated version of the style in your business letter.

Adding a reference after the quote:
1. In the Word document open the tab “Links” section.
2. Under “Links and bibliographies”, click the arrow in the list “Style”.
3. Select the MLA business letter format.
4. Click on a place in the end of a sentence or phrase that will be used as a quote.
5. Click “Insert the link” and select “Add a new source.”
6. Enter information about the source of quotes and click OK.
7. After that, the source will be added to the list, which opens after pressing the “Insert Link” tab and the next time you add a reference, you  will skip typing all over again.
Create a bibliography based on the sources:
1. Click in that part of document, where you want the bibliography to be located (usually at the end of the document).
2. Click button «Bibliography “in the tab “Links” in “Links and bibliographies” group.
Just as in the TOC Builder, you can choose a ready format for a bibliography, which contains a title, or simply select “Paste list of references” to add a link without a title.

This format is used throughout North America, as well as in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Taiwan and other countries around the world.
We hope our article has helped you to understand better the MLA business letter format. Use it in writing yor business correspondence to make the letter message clearer and more readable.