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Parts Of A Business Letter: Discover What Typical Parts Of A Business Letter Are

If you’re about to write your first business letter, first you should consult what exactly are the parts of a business letter.

First is the heading, also called letterhead or the return address. When companies are writing they use printed papers with the heading at the top of the sheet. It’s used to show the companies identity. It’s written on top central part of the letter.

The date is written right afterwards. If the letter doesn’t have a heading then the date is what it starts with. Then you write your own address and after that the recipients address. The inside address was designed to be seen through the window of the envelope when the paper is folded in thirds, that’s why it is placed on the left margin.

After the addresses is written the greeting. Usually, it’s formed of “Dear” and the last name of the recipient. It is strongly recommended to address to the recipient by his name; otherwise, instead of his last name write Sir/Madam or his title in the company. If it’s a US style of the letter, the greeting ends with common and if it’s a UK style, it ends with comma.

It is at your choice if you want to write the title of the letter afterwards. Its role is to help the receiver deal with the goals of the letter.

As parts of a business letter are the body paragraphs. It’s the main part of the letter as it states why you are writing. It would be fine to start it by presenting yourself. Leave a line between each paragraphs so that to make it pleasant to the eye. You should use simple sentences and simple words so that to make yourself clear to the reader. The body paragraphs are formed from the introduction, were is stated the purpose of the letter, the middle-part where are written details and the closing were you write what actions you expect from the recipient to make.

The complimentary close is the proper ending of the body paragraphs. It was stated that if the greeting is “Dear Sir/Madam” the complimentary close should be :”Yours faithfully”, and if it started with “Dear” it should end with :”Yours sincerely”.

The last part of the letter is your signature and your identification. If the letter does have a heading, the signature is written in the centre; if it doesn’t have a letterhead, the sign is on the left side.

In case if somebody else than the writer typed the letter initials should be included. As additional parts of a business letter there is cc – written when copies are sent and Enclosure – written if other materials are included. For additional info consult the following sites: