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General Information About Business Letters

Business letter is a letter, which is usually written by a company to another company or to their customer or by their customer to this company. It must be written only in high formal language.

Writing a business letter you must start with the address of the sender only if you are not using a letterhead. In the sender’s address you have to mention only the street address, town and index at the letter top one line over the datum, which must be placed 5 centimeters from the top of the page. In the recipient’s address it is better to use personal titles (Ms., Mrs., Mr., or Dr.) and it must be written one line below the address of the sender or 2, 5 centimeters below the datum. In the salutation the personal title of the person, to whom you are writing, must be repeated. In the body a blank line has to be left between each paragraph of the letter and your ideas are to be written without any digressions, because according to Leo Tolstoy “Brevity is the Soul of Wit”. In the first paragraph you have to mention the main point. In the next paragraphs you are to bolster the main point with the examples. And in the last paragraph you should remind the main point with the irrefutable arguments. After the last paragraph you have to write the closing, where you have to thank the reader for his attention to your letter. It should be placed one line below the last paragraph of the body. In the end you are to sign your letter and to write your name, title or the name of your firm.

In a condensed form an average business letter looks the following way:

· sender’s address with the title or name of the company;
· datum;
· recipient’s address with the title or the name of the company;
· salutation;
· body;
· closing;
· sender’s signature;
· Sender’s name with the title or the name of the company.

The most used types of the business letters are the following:

· apology letter is used in order to express regret for a failure in the achievement of the desired aim;
· inquiry letter is written when a person wants to find out about a special service or product;
· letter of recommendation is send to recommend a person for a special job position;
· acknowledgment letter is used to thank someone for the help or to support a person in trouble;
· appreciation letter is written to thank an employee for his or her work in a firm or organization;
· order letter is used to order some products.