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Business Letter Format: Key Points You Should Know

Writing a business letter is different from writing a regular one, and the format according to which it should be written is called the business letter format.

All the specifications you mention apart from the main content are to be placed on the top left side of the letter, written from top to bottom, alongside with the margin.

First is the return address which is to be written in two lines. Right afterwards is the date the letter was written (month-written in letters, day, year). Leave some space and write the full name of the recipient, his position, companies name and the address, also written in two lines. Then again, leave some space and write the salutation: Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms last name. The subject of the letter which is written afterwards may not be included; it depends on the complexity of the letter.

After these specifications follows the very content of the letter. Just like the specifications, the content should be written according to the business letter format. It should be written in paragraphs so that to make it easier to read. Leave double space between the paragraphs.

The letter should be set up properly, this means to pay attention to the margins: on sides should be as equal as possible, on top and bottom may differ. The purpose is not to make the letter perfect, just more pleasant to the eye.

The content may start with a friendly introduction and afterwards underline the purpose of the letter. It should keep the reader’s attention and this means avoid writing too many details. Of course, you may write details as they have the role of supporting the information, but keep them for the next paragraphs, and not include in the first one. There is no requirement or limitation in the amount of paragraphs. You may write as many of them as you want, but just make sure to keep close to the main point. Moreover, the amount of paragraphs won’t be noticed once the sentences won’t be too long.

In the final paragraph you may highlight specific action to be made from the behalf of the reader. Make reference to the contact info you have provided and make a positive closing: “Sincerely,”.

Leave a four line space after the complimentary close and write down your full name, your position and the company you’re activating in, also on the left side. The last elements of the letter are the typist initials and the enclosures.
When writing a business letter you should be precise of what you’re looking for. The reader expects not just a proper content, but also a business letter formatapplied.

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